Lumina Point Serger Sewing Machine, Strong 2/3/4 Serger Thread Capability, Sewing Machine for Adults, Metal Frame Overlocker Sewing Machine, Ideal for Sewing Projects & Edges

  • Adaptable Serger Sewing Machine : Our Lumina Point serger sewing machine offers 2/3/4 string ability and 12 join varieties for unending sewing prospects. Ideal for novices and specialists the same, it includes a simple to-utilize, variety coded stringing framework.
  • High velocity Sewing and Overlocker : With a sewing rate of 1250 lines each moment, this sewing and overlock machine guarantees top caliber, proficient outcomes. It’s ideal for sewing creases, improving edges, cover stitches, moved trims, and design sewing.
  • Hand Sewing Machine : This substantial sewing machine is furnished with movable cutting width, flexible fasten length, differential feed for sans wrinkle creases, and a waste plate for texture decorations for a smooth sewing experience.
  • Effective Overlock Machine : As an overlocker sewing machine, Lumina Point succeeds in making proficient edges, fixes and creases. This serger clothing machine designers to your need – ideal for substantial overlock.
  • Complete Sewing Pack : Our Lumina Point serger machine accompanies serger adornments. It likewise has implicit capacity for sewing machine frill. This helpful element keeps generally your sewing supplies coordinated and reachable.
  • Completely Open Stringing : Variety coded guides imprinted on the serger machine show you precisely where to put each string, for inconvenience free stringing. Simple to utilize when you need to string your serger machine!
  • Substantial Overlock : A tough serger machine made with a great metal edge. The solid inside metal edge assists your serger with staying steady, even at an extremely fast. It is made of strong metal for improved strength and life span.
  • Driven Light Overlock Machine : Finish things in any light. As well with respect to those long sewing machine for grown-ups evenings, where inventiveness streams. It resembles others sergers and overlock machines, however a total set for your sewing needs.
  • Flexible Line Length : This sewing serger machine offers movable fasten length from 1/8” to 1/4” for incredible control and consistency. It’s the ideal little sewing machine for all your sewing projects. Guarantee the ideal join no matter what the sewing projects
  • Sewing Frill : An assortment of sewing supplies embellishments are incorporated with your serger, similar to a 2 string serger converter, fasten development, serger needles pack, additional upper shaper, tweezers, allen wrench, string presser, 4 spool circle, 4 string nets, and a brush.

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

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