EOC05 Embroidery Machine, 4×9.25 Inches Large Embroidery Area for Clothing, Computerized 7 Inches Large LCD Touchscreen for Beginner, Come with 6 Threads & Tear Away Stabilizer & Bobbins

  • 【Instructing and Tips Sharing】Search “Poolin Sewing Clients Gathering” to go along with us on Facebook, where we will give free one-on-one after assistance to improve your weaving.
  • 【7-inch variety contact screen】 POOLIN weaving machine is outfitted with an enormous LCD contact screen that can drag and alter designs, such as working a cell phone, do what you need.
  • 【Simple PC System】 From design choice to altering, then, at that point, to weaving letter and example mix in numerous varieties. Save altered designs for next time use.
  • 【Underlying design】96 Worked in Plans, 8 lettering textual styles and 10 dialects permit you to rapidly prepare after the machine is conveyed.
  • 【Max weaving region 4x 9.25 Inches】 This programmed weaving machine accompanies 4×9.25 Inches and 4x 4 Inches bands, the sufficiently huge weaving region to do more weaving.
  • 【Complete Weaving Supplies】 EOC05 modernized weaving machine will accompany 6 rolls of polyester strings, multi shaded pre-wound bobbins, and stabilizers, which address most issues for fledglings, don’t bother buying unexpected supplies
  • 【Do Your Own Design】 Need weaving advanced programming to configuration examples and product them to DST or DSB arrangement, and fitting them into the weaving machine with the USB that accompanies it.
  • 【Weaving Software】Regarding weaving programming, simply reach us and Poolin architects will give ideas to assist you with finishing good weaving works.
  • 【Accompany needles】The size 90/14 needle can weave normal textures less than 4mm.If you need to sew thicker textures, kindly consider utilizing a coarse texture needle.
  • 【Modernized Features】 Outfitted with a programmed needle threader and bobbin winding. Programmed string managing when one variety weaving is finished.
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