BAi VisionV22-2 Embroidery Machine Double Head Multi Needles Embroidery Machine for Hat, Heavy Duty Structure Industrial Embroidery Machine,15.7×17.7 Inches Embroidery Area and Wide Arm System

  • 【INSTITCH I5 PC System】 New Institch i5 PC Framework has shrewd 3D cap weaving, step bounce works and group creation of fix designs. You will actually want to make both organized and unstructured caps in any textures your clients need with this modern weaving machine.
  • 【Solid and Stable Structure】 The uncompromising design of our Vision V22-2 multi needle weaving machine including cylindrical semi encased structure with strong materials, hexagonal base shaft for machine head and the redesign steel stand guarantee strength and versatility.
  • 【Easy to use Designs】 Our cap weaving machine has numerous easy to use plans like another brand stand which is easy to gathering and has bigger extra room; speedy stringing manual for further develop business productivity and residue resistant visual turning snare which is helpful to check the running system of the snare securely during the weaving system.
  • 【Free Training&Technical Support】We profoundly comprehend there is dependably an expectation to learn and adapt at the outset for the individuals who never utilize a business weaving machine. You can definitely relax, we take care of you as we make a help group for every one of our clients. What’s more, we will direct you to utilize the machine bit by bit finishing up unpacking, gathering, stringing and strain acclimation to ensure you can conquer the expectation to learn and adapt rapidly.
  • 【Web-based Entertainment Support】We profoundly recommend you to join our 6000+ client bunch via looking “BAI Weaving Machine Family” to interface with other weaving retailers for tips and deceives. What’s more, gain admittance to various supportive recordings instructional exercises through looking and follow “BAIEmbroideryMachineTV”channel.
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