Brother Skitch Single-Needle Embroidery Machine, Powered by Artspira, 4” x 4” Embroidery Area, Bluetooth Connected

  • ARTSPIRA Association: Draw your next weaving project on the free and required Artspira(1) Application and prepare to add a smidgen of you to your next cool task with Skitch PP1 Single-Needle Artspira Empowered Weaving Machine
  • Presently THERE IS Weaving FOR Everybody: New to weaving The Skitch Weaving Machine is an incredible method for beginning your weaving process. Weave plans up to 4″ x 4″, at speeds up to 400 spm
  • IMPORT YOUR OWN Weaving Documents: Clients of the neglected rendition of Artspira can import any PES, PHC, PHX, or DST weaving plan and store up to 20 plans in Artspira (you can add and eliminate the 20 plans as you wish.)
  • Little Impression, Enormous Thoughts: The Skitch Single-Needle Weaving Machine will fit pleasantly in any stopgap create room and is generally prepared for your next good thought
  • MAKE READYMADE Garments Custom made: Take locally acquired things like pants, towels, and covers, and make them your own with your very own weaving style graciousness of Artspira and the Skitch Single-Needle Weaving Machine
  • Skitch is a weaving just machine and doesn’t work as a customary sewing machine. This item is expected exclusively in the US at 120 volts, and some other use or deal voids the guarantee.
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