S-1201 Compact Embroidery Machine with 12 Needles, 1200SPM Max Speed, 7“ Touch Screen, 9.5″x12.6″ Embroidery Area, Your First Commercial Embroidery Machine for Flat, Hat, T-shirt and more

  • ★ Reduced Size and Light Weight: S-1201 business weaving machine with minimized size of 29″x23″x19″ and light weight of 39kgs, simple to move and store. Yet, with huge weaving region 9.5″x12.6″, it permits you to have a startup weaving business from home weaving and give an incredible expansion to your flourishing business.
  • ★ Extraordinary Elements of machine: S-1201 business weaving machine flaunts a 7 inch LCD touchscreen and a Maximum working rate of 1200SPM, Max weaving region 9.5″x12.6″, 100 million Max memory join, laser situating and programmed variety change and so on.
  • ★ Finished Preparing and Specialized Help: Dread not! Smartstitch gives activity manuals and video preparation stages to guarantee you can get everything rolling with our business weaving machine soon. After the buy, kindly reach us quickly when you get the machine, our accomplished architects will assist you with utilizing the machine on line, and nearby specialized help is accessible moreover.
  • ★ Full Weaving Application with Starter Pack: S-1201 business weaving machine can join on denim, material, calfskin, vinyl, covers, shoes, sacks and anything a modern machine can line on by DST/DSB documents from your PC to the machine with the USB. The starter load accompanies our machine including machine weaving strings, stabilizers and bobbin strings.
  • ★ Bringing Note back: After unload our business weaving machine, kindly save the wooden bed for the machine, inward boxes for the embellishments, metal clasps and fixed bolts, unblemished for certain days. In the event that you need to return the machine, we really want the photos and recordings to guarantee every one of the embellishments are returned to the crates, the machine is unblemished with no harm and fixed in wooden bed to permit us to exchange the machine.
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