SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine With Included Accessory Kit, 110 Stitch Applications 4432, Perfect For Beginners, Gray

  • Rock solid METAL Casing: Adds dependability and gives enduring sturdiness
  • SEWING MACHINE Frill: various adornments are incorporated: generally useful foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, crease ripper/build up brush, edge/knitting guide, needles, bobbins, screwdriver, assistant spool pin, and spool pin felt are strategically placed and put away in the embellishment plate. A delicate sided dust cover is likewise remembered for the bundling
  • Switch Join SEWING MACHINE: The Vocalist 4432 uncompromising sewing machine has an implicit converse switch so you can sew backward and build up lines
  • Restricted 90-DAY for Changes, Belts, Rings, Bulbs, Connections; Restricted 2-Year for Engines, Light get together, Wiring, Switches, Speed control and Electronic Parts; Restricted 25-Year for Sewing Machine Head
  • Included Parts: Incorporates: Universally handy, Zipper, Buttonhole, and Button Sewing Feet, Crease Ripper/Build up Brush, Knitting Guide, Needles, Bobbins, Screwdriver, Assistant Spool Pin, Spool Pin Felt, Delicate Sided Residue Cover, Power String, Foot Regulator, Speedy Beginning Aide
  • 110 Line Applications
  • 110V Machine. Proficient speed for quicker results
This SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 sewing machine is a true workhorse. With a heavy-duty metal interior frame, stainless steel bedplate, extra-high sewing speed and powerful motor, it can sew through a variety of heavy weight fabrics. Convenient features include a built-in needle threader, top drop-in bobbin, built-in 1-step buttonhole, snap-on presser feet, on board storage, adjustable presser foot pressure control, built-in reverse, adjustable stitch length, three needle positions and drop feed for button.
With a 60% stronger motor than standard sewing machines, the SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 sewing machine allows the sewist to stitch through heavyweight fabrics with ease. It provides greater piercing power and speed up-to 1,100 stitches per minute. The heavy-duty frame provides rigid support for added stability and long-lasting durability.
This Free Arm sewing machine provides ease of use by offering easy access to cuffs, collars, pant hems and other difficult-to-reach areas.andnbsp; Adjustable presser foot pressure control allows you to sew a wide range of fabrics, from lightweight sheers to canvas with ease.andnbsp; This machine provides adjustable stitch width of up to 6mm for creating bolder and attractive decorative and satin stitches. The needle position can be changed for individual projects, such as inserting zippers or cording and topstitching. With all of these creative features the SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 sewing machine empowers the sewist to create their own unique projects.
Model Number: 4432
Description; 32 Stitch Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
Product; Sewing Machine
Lightbulb; LED
Dimensions:15.2″W x 12″H x 6.2″D
Weight (lbs.): 17.42
General Warranty: 25 years
Feet Dog:Drop
Feet Type Included:Zipper, All-purpose, Buttonhole, Button Sewing
Foot Fixing Type:Snap on/off
Number of Feet Included: 4
Presser Foot System:High bar
Pressure Adjustment:Adjustable
Power Cord Included: yes
Number of Built-In Stitches: 32
Number of Decorative Stitches: 18
Number of Stretch Stitches: 7
Number of Utility Stitches: 6
Stitch Width Control: Adjustable
Cabinet Position: Portable (fits into cabinet)
LCD Screen: No
Built-in Needle Threader: Yes
Bobbin Material: Transparent
Bobbin Class; 15, top loading, drop-in
Needle Bar Position: Center
Number of Needle Positions: 3
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