Juki Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine, Head ONLY

  • Head just – The table and engine are excluded.
  • Incorporates: String Stand, Bobbin Winder, Oil Skillet, Knee Lifter an additional 3 Bobbins 10 Additional Needles, Guidance Manual, Screw Driver, Machine Oil.
  • Completely Programmed Oil, 1/2 Inch Foot Lift By Knee Switch 1/4 Inc, Foot Lift by Hand Switch
  • Modern Sewing Machine for attire/inside textures, not upholstery US Guarantee: 90 Days work on surrenders in materials and workmanship.
  • Head just – The table and engine is excluded.

Model DDL-8700 Brand New – Head only – The table and motor are NOT included.